The Best/Worst Product You Shouldn’t Live Without

Elizabeth Park
2 min readAug 28, 2022

(Can You Guess what it is?)

antique cash register on bare countertop near walls with peeling paint
Photo by Enrico Hänel:

How many clues will it take for you to identify this “product”?

Here we go:

Anyone can get it. Probably. But they don’t.

Some people say it’s not for everyone.

Some people say it’s fake.

There are so many copies of it that the brand has really been diluted.

People charge for it, but it’s free.

Its most vocal customers are obnoxious and don’t usually understand it at all.

Its biggest experts don’t even have it.

Rich people can’t afford it.

It can connect you to people or cause you to lose all your friends and family.

Customer testimonials are frequently dismissed.

If you add it to an existing business or product, you’ll attract a lot of people but drive away a lot of people.

It has brick and mortar locations as well as virtual locations.

It can be a career or a passion or a hobby or a mask that hides, well, a LOT.

Some people have it but never admit it.

Some people don’t have it but claim to.

It can make you look respectable if you have a little bit; but those who have a lot have been mocked relentlessly.

There are books, movies, songs about it.

The people who need it the most won’t have it on a silver platter.

The people who don’t deserve it have it handed to them.

Children understand it better than adults do.

It’s a great long-term investment, but short-term can be rough.

The real thing is so controversial that people have died in disputes about it.

Some people become almost unrecognizable after they get it.

You can’t tell if someone has it by looking at them.

You can’t inherit it.

Any guesses? I’ll comment on the right answers.

Elizabeth Park

Life coach for the spiritually dehydrated, survivors of narcissistic abuse, and neurodivergent