Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse: A Changing of the Guard

Elizabeth Park
3 min readMay 15, 2022
Photo by Valentin Vesa:

Not an astrologist, to be clear.

But I do see seasons and shifts sometimes.

And here’s what I am seeing:


Have you felt the tension?

Have you been trapped for a long time in your personal desert?

People who have been waiting for the right timing will suddenly find doors opening.

The desert will bloom, and the animals can share the watering holes without enmity.

Situations that seemed stuck in a permanently locked position will flow.

Salty water will become fresh.

I don’t know how quickly it will happen, but I am optimistic.

But people who have refused to get real, to change, to admit where they’re wrong or to make thing right are going to be shuffled to the back or pushed into the abyss. Lots of deaths coming, I think. Not trying to be morbid.



I saw guards changing shifts at Buckingham Palace last week. Not the whole formal…



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