Shush Money: What if Rich People are the Ones with Scarcity Mindset?

Elizabeth Park
7 min readJun 11, 2024

And what if the poor are the ones who understand money?

man bending over scattered bills, hands resting on the money
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You’ve seen “generosity porn” videos. Wannabe influencer/do-gooder records themselves giving money to homeless people. Cue the tears. Never mind the privacy or dignity of the poor person. Get those clicks, get those likes, get that clout or karma or whatever.

Ostentatious generosity. Intrusive. Obnoxious.

BE GENEROUS. YES. But…Shhhhhh!

Shut up about your money. Hush.

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Just be kind quietly, people. Don’t make a show out of it.

Scarcity mindset is defined here as “A pervasive feeling of not having enough”.

I’ve had life coaches discuss scarcity mindset with me. But I don’t think I’m the one who needs to hear about it. Being in a state of scarcity is not the same thing as a scarcity mindset.

Rich people, though. They’re the ones whose apparent need for profit, expansion, and resources are bottomless.

Do rich people ever feel like they have enough?



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