Psychics, Prophets, or God: Who Reads Your Future Right?

Elizabeth Park
6 min readSep 20, 2022
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Did you ever try a Ouija board? Tarot? Mediums? Psychics?

Do you have dreams that come true? Déjà vu?

In ancient stories, people consulted oracles or examined the organs of dead animals for wisdom.

We may consider ourselves much more modern and enlightened than consulting the liver of a dead animal, but are we?

We all CRAVE knowing what will happen, how we can make it turn out okay, how to take the right path, find the right person, get out of debt, and be safe and happy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have the answers without getting scammed?

I was talking to a woman today who told me she had consulted a psychic reader because she had some big life questions.

EVERYTHING the lady told her was wrong. EVERYTHING.

The reason she told me about this was because I told her about a dream I had about her, in which she died, but later was alive. This dream actually has a GOOD meaning, believe it or not.

How do I hear from God?

  1. Dreams. I do a lot of dream interpretation on Quora and sometimes on Reddit. It’s a crucial way to hear from God if you know how.
  2. I also hear messages in media, music, and literally everywhere. I’m constantly listening. I want to KNOW what God is saying.
  3. I also get a “knowing” feeling about what will happen.


For example, I had a sweet friend who lived in another state who encouraged me over the phone during my divorce. I had only met her husband once, possibly twice. She spoke positively about him, but I got the sense he was sort of sketchy.

“I think he’s going to leave you. I think you need to start saving cash every time you get groceries, like keep a twenty, just in case,” I told her.

That happened a few months later. I was surprised when she told me she had actually saved the money. Turns out he refused to give them any money and she SUPER needed it. He was also abusive. I had no idea.


Elizabeth Park

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