Neo and Trinity: Twin Flames?

Elizabeth Park
4 min readDec 29, 2021

The Matrix: Resurrections showcases Sense8 actors for a constant awareness of 3rd wall

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I took myself to the theater today for the first time in over a year, maybe two years.

I did not buy popcorn, because my local theater had issues with poor food service well before the pandemic, and I had eaten already.

I thought I would be the only one there, and even took a picture of my own feet in front of an empty room in case it was a private showing.

But a few more people straggled in for a grand total of five viewers.

As a fan of the Matrix, Keanu, Sense8, and the Wachowski sisters, I had to see The Matrix: Resurrections. I managed not to read the reviews ahead of time but had picked up on a general sense of disappointment or let-down.

My expectations were low enough that I figured at worst I’d get a bit of a nap. I was tired before it even started. **

Here we go:

Did it hit the major points I loved about the original?

Yes. Not easy to balance a new iteration with a need to keep viewers appeased, but I thought it worked.

Was it a bit of a drag?

That’s tricky, because it channels normal human angst about aging, and expectations, and of just not wanting to fight any more, as Neo says to Morpheus early in the movie. The movie was not a drag, but time itself was the drag.

Answer, No.

Random shit I noticed:

As a fan of Sense8 I loved the reunion of Sense8 cast members. As a Matrix viewer I found it distracting.

Apparently, there were some infinity symbols (8’s) scattered around, which worked for both shows. Looping and such.

A movie marquee showed “Root of All Evil,” starring Lito Rodriguez, who was in Sense8 but not in Matrix.

Jonathan Groff is a strong enough presence to convey Agent Smith effectively, in my opinion.

It’s not his fault I think about Glee first every time I see him. He’s earned better respect from me than that since then; but hey, he made an impression.

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