I Request an Amnesty Day for Trump Supporters

Elizabeth Park
2 min readJul 24, 2022
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They’ve pushed themselves into a corner they can’t escape.

They’ve helped put arguably the most dangerous and stupid man in our history into the biggest chair in the country. They’ve endangered democracy itself.

If I hadn’t left fundamentalism, I could have been one of them, once upon a time.

That’s why I like to imagine that if we cut them a little slack, gave them a safe escape route to take without us shouting at them, maybe they could slink away and reinvent themselves after rethinking everything.

Is that overly optimistic?

I wonder what they would answer on a truly anonymous survey, if they felt safe and had maybe imbibed a couple of drinks and it was a rainy day. If they got real with themselves.

Do they really enjoy seeing him, hearing him, supporting him, after he took them all for fools and took their money and time and used it to stomp on our Constitution?

What if we gave them an Amnesty Day, where they could quietly change their party affiliation to Independent and give five dollars to a Liz Cheney election fund?

If we stopped calling them morons for a minute and gave some compassion, what would happen?

If we saw them as fellow citizens that just fucked up because their pastors and prophets told them that abortion was the only election issue that ever mattered, would they feel freer to reevaluate?

If we realized that they are actually damaged by Fox News, would we give them time to get free of brainwashing?

I don’t know. I do know that I’ve changed my mind on almost every issue that exists over the course of my life so far. I am not proud of my past self.

I would love to see us all able to come together in some meaningful way for the good of our country and all of us in our individual homes.

Pie in the sky, maybe. But I am grateful for the people who stayed in my life even when they disagreed.

I would like to request a parley.

Elizabeth Park

Life coach for the spiritually dehydrated, survivors of narcissistic abuse, and neurodivergent radicallifecoaching@gmail.com