Feeling Small and Stupid and Unproductive? Nope. You’re Wrong.

Elizabeth Park
4 min readMay 10, 2024

50 unbelievably simple wins you probably didn’t know you achieved today.

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I toss and turn in the night, heart pounding, contemplating my life choices. Thinking about my day. Wondering why things don’t get better. Listening to the silence of the house, until I give up and say “Alexa, play something.”

My Alexa is a man with an Australian accent. Sometimes he gives me really good playlists, and sometimes I swear a demon took over the music choices. Especially late at night when I’m trying to recover from a nightmare.

I have an embarrassingly hard time seeing or saying positive things about myself, considering I’m a life coach. A lifetime of narcissistic abuse will do that to you. How the fuck can I imagine or visualize good things happening to ME? Bad things I’m great at.

In my favorite movie of all time, What About Bob?, the psychiatrist (played by Richard Dreyfuss) tells Bill Murray’s character, Bob, to take baby steps to overcome his many phobias and obsessions.

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Bob is delighted and begins right away.

“Baby stepping down the hall, baby stepping into the elevator,” he chants, as he begins his therapeutic relationship with “Dr. Leo Marvin”, who later tries to kill him.



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